About us

Deliver different spare parts for all types of railway rolling stocks and materials for the upper construction of the track in the countries of the Caucasian region.

Our partners are:

  • JSC “Georgian Railway”
  • JSC “Azerbaijanian Railways”
  • “Krukovsky Rail Car Building Plant”
  • “Transmash”
  • Ltd. “Transinvest holding”
  • Ltd. “Georgian Manganese”
  • Ltd. “Georgian Locomotive Company”
  • the company “Etelta Management Corporation”
  • the concern “Det-Al”
  • “Dashkesan Ore-dressing and Processing Enterprise”
  • “Rustavi Rail Car Building Company”
  • Ltd. “Infotex Automatics Telemechanics”
  • JSC AKB “Cordon”
  • Ltd. “Siberian Electrotechnical Plant”
  • Ltd. “Kirov Blacksmith Plant – Tsentrokuz”
  • Ltd. “Lugansk Tsentrkuz”
  • LTD “Vladar” - Accumulator plant of Kharkov
We propose individual and professional solutions to our clients. For proposing of the best solution for your business we are constantly searching for new, reliable partners and ideas.


To provide a high quality of the fulfilled works, we implemented the system of the quality management.

  • wholesale trading of the railway transport and its spare parts;
  • wholesale trading with the spare parts, aggregates and other materials necessary for the upper construction of the railway tracks;
  • construction of railway tracks, their repairing and maintenance;
  • designing of the railways.

We are proud of that:

  • We manage to propose a wide assortment of services to our clients;
  • We always propose innovations;
  • We do our best to be the first and constantly improve ourselves;
  • We are quick in responding on the requirements of our clients;
  • We propose the high quality service in an adoptable price;
  • WWe represent the most trust-worthy manufacturers;
  • We are able to propose the complete assortment of necessary spare parts and materials;
  • We deliver the necessary materials in the shortest terms;
  • We appreciate opinions of our clients and our mutual collaboration.


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