Spare parts for the railway rolling stocks

Ltd. “Skinest Railway Georgia” proposes complex services on maintenance of railway rolling stocks. One of the key fields of our activity is delivery of the spare parts for railway transport. We have an opportunity to deliver all the spare parts needed by you for repairing of railway rolling stocks and electric trains.

  • Spare parts for the wagon body;
  • casting for wagons and spare parts for carriages;
  • Couplers and its spare parts;
  • Spare parts for braking system.

We propose spare parts for all types of locomotives and wagons.

Spare parts for locomotives:

  • Spare parts for freight locomotives  - ТЭ10, ТЭ109, ТЭ116, М62;
  • Spare parts passenger locomotives ТЭП60, ТЭП70
  • Spare parts for shunting locomotive s - ТЭМ1, ТЭМ2, ТЭМ3, ТЭМ7, ТЭМ7А, ТЭМ18, ЧМЭ3, ТГМ4, ТГМ6, ТГМ23;
  • Spare parts for diesel train  - ДР1, Д1;
  • Tltctric trains  - ЭР2, ЭР9;

The Department of Railway Rolling Stocks proposes you all the spare parts necessary for repairing and modernization of wagons and locomotives. Our long-termed relations with reliable suppliers warrant a timely fulfillment of liabilities and delivery of all necessary components in the best prices.

If you can’t find spare part you need, please contact our officers.

Contact us – we may help you.

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